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Trade Alert: LiCo Energy Metals Inc.
(OTCQB Symbol: WCTXF – TSX-V Symbol: LIC)
As we have detailed previously:
Companies like Apple and Tesla are already refusing to use what they term “unethical cobalt” in their batteries, referring to cobalt mined in jurisdictions like the Congo.
Moreover, earlier this year Volvo announced that beginning in 2019 it would only be making electric and hybrid cars. Jaguar and Land Rover announced that all their cars will have an electric option starting in 2020 and BMW plans to mass produce electric cars by 2020 and offer 12 different models by 2025.
The price of cobalt has already been skyrocketing, hitting a new 5 year high of just over $31/pound. If this trend continues, this could provide increased upside leverage to the cobalt sector.
Here’s a headline from Platts to summarize: “Cobalt prices seen rising sharply as deficit balloons: BMO”
“Cobalt prices are likely to rise significantly in the next two years as the industry struggles to meet rising demand from batteries used in electric vehicles, BMO Capital Markets said Monday.
It sees the annual average cobalt price peaking at $40.50/lb ($89,290 mt) in 2019, from current levels of about $30/lb and does not rule out the possibility of cobalt prices doubling from current levels in the timeframe. So far this year, 99.6% broken cathode cobalt — the grade often used in chemicals and batteries — has averaged $25.58/lb, according to Platts assessments, having started the year at a midpoint of $14.75/lb.”
This has created what could be a potentially significant opportunity for companies like WCTXF, cobalt and lithium mining explorers operating in mining friendly jurisdictions in North America.
  • WCTXF has a history of experiencing massive volatility. While past is not prologue this could suggest opportunity for increased gains in the future.
  • Earlier this year WCTXF was trading as high as 0.20, presenting incredible upside potential from recent levels.
  • WCTXF could present both short-term and long-term investors with increased opportunities.
  • WCTXF has released a number of breaking developments in the past month alone that could be an additional catalyst for upside potential.
  • The opportunity in the cobalt industry could be immense and undervalued currently.
A Little About WCTXF:
LiCo Energy Metals Inc. is a Canadian based exploration company whose primary listing is on the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company’s focus is directed towards exploration for high value metals integral to the manufacture of lithium ion batteries.
Source: Yahoo Finance
Recent Developments:
LiCo Energy Metals – Recent Assay Results Have LiCo Intersect 0.55% Cobalt Over an Impressive 5.00 m on its GlencoreBucke Property
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, December 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —
LiCo Energy Metals Inc.(“the Company” or “LiCo”) (LIC.V) (WCTXF) is pleased to report assay results for diamond drill holes GB17‐08 to GB17‐10 from the recently completed drill program on the GlencoreBucke Property located 6 km northeast of Cobalt, Ontario. The Company would also like to provide an update on the recently completed drilling program and a brief analysis of what has been determined to date by the Company.
Tim Fernback, President & CEO of LiCo states that, “We have been extremely pleased with our results to date and the exceptional work of our drilling team in Ontario. In this industry, it is very rare to design an exploration program and to find exactly what you are looking for at depth. So far, the results we are getting back from the assay lab are confirming the historic drill results and fit the model that we are predicting to be at depth. We are excited about getting the remaining results back from the lab, and to design our follow-up exploration program for 2018. With any luck, we will be closer to realizing our corporate goal of putting this property into production with a great JV partner like Glencore.”
  • November 30th: LiCo Energy Metals – Intersects 3.92% Cobalt Over 0.75 m Teledyne Cobalt Property
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LiCo Energy Metals Inc. (“the Company” or “LiCo”) TSX-V: LIC, OTCQB: WCTXF is pleased to report assay results for the first diamond drill hole completed on the Teledyne Cobalt Property, located 6 km northeast of Cobalt, Ontario.
Tim Fernback, President & CEO of LiCo, states “We are very happy with the drilling results from our Teledyne and GlencoreBucke drilling programs. We set a goal to replicate the historic results of cobalt grade and width of mineralization, which we have accomplished in spectacular fashion.Yesterday we announced an intersection of 7.64% Cobalt at GlencoreBucke, and today we have assay results for 3.92% Cobalt at Teledyne. Now that the remaining drill core is making its way to the assay lab, we are eagerly awaiting additional cobalt, copper and silver results that can help us define the next stage of our exploration program on both properties for 2018.”
  • November 29th: LiCo Energy Metals – Intersects 7.64 % Cobalt Over 0.26 m at GlencoreBucke Property
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, November 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —
LiCo Energy Metals Inc. (“the Company” or “LiCo”) (LIC.V) (WCTXF) is pleased to report assay results for diamond drill holes GB17‐06 to GB17‐07 from the recently completed drill program on the GlencoreBucke Property located 6km northeast of Cobalt, Ontario and provides a drilling update.
“We are very pleased with the higher-grade cobalt mineralization that has been intersected at our GlencoreBucke property,” says Tim Fernback, President & CEO of LiCo, “and not only have we intersected cobalt style mineralization in every drill hole completed, we are happy to report that 4 of the 7 holes assayed to date have higher than average grades of more than 1% cobalt. We are also finding very good silver and copper results in our assays which is equally exciting. So far, we have drilled a combined 3,728 m with 30 drill holes on our Glencore and Teledyne Ontario properties as part of our 2017 flow-through work program.”
  • November 22nd: LiCo Receives $600,000 From Exercise of Warrants
  • November 8th: LiCo Intersects Good Grade Cobalt Mineralization at GlencoreBucke Property
  • November 1st: LiCo Energy Metals – Surpasses a 2,000 Metre Milestone for its Cobalt Drilling Program on the Teledyne and GlencoreBucke Properties
  • October 25th: LiCo Energy Metals – Second Drill Rig Mobilized – Drilling Continues on its Two Cobalt Properties (Teledyne and GlencoreBucke) Near Cobalt, Ontario
Source: Yahoo Finance
Short-Term Catalysts For Upside Potential:




  • WCTXF is positioned in an industry known to experience significant volatility which could present you with opportunity.
  • WCTXF has witnessed remarkable historical upside volatility and could provide continued upside.
  • WCTXF has reported a number of breaking developments in recent months that could have been overlooked by Wall Street.
In closing, WCTXF provides investors with an opportunity to experience both short-term and longer-term upside exposure to cobalt.
As always, do not forget your trading rules.
We encourage all traders and investors to develop personal trading rules that you can follow and that work for you. Always protect your downside and note that we alert extremely volatile short-term trade opportunities.
Happy Trading!




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