Often or so, many of us lead such busy lifestyles, that our health takes a toll for it. From having to worry about family, caring for the kids, studying for a upcoming test in school or having to get up every morning and drive down to that job we all love, etc. We sacrifice our health day-in and day-out to provide for our loved ones, which leads to me transition this conversation towards the huge profitability this industry presents and the reason behind our profile behind this company: Vitamin Shoppe, Inc. (NYSE: VSI).

No matter which profession you work in, the type of lifestyle you lead, or even wherever it is you live; health and wellness for one’s self is always a concern. It is never-ending, until, god forbid, one’s life ends. The Vitamin Shoppe is a leader not only in this industry, but perhaps the world when it comes to matters of supplemental wellness. Their relentless efforts to hold monthly, national health fairs through their stores, a Vitamin Angels program they hold twice every year and the extremely, knowledgeable staff they train and retain to help their consumers meet their health and wellness goals is unmatched.


Today, at market close, Vitamin Shoppe, Inc. closed at $27.78, down $2.30 (-7.65%); however, the rough close is only due to the profit takers it saw today due to the recent, great, outperforming earnings it posted, pushing the stock to over $30. Last year, near this time, on April 22nd, 2015 VSI was sitting at $44.50.

They have a huge range, of top-quality products; over 26,000 different ones, all from reputable vendors around the world.

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Last year, Vitamin Shoppe opened 50 new stores bringing their total to 717 stores. Their 1st quarter earnings of this year were a whopping $336.8 million! For the year of 2015, they finished at $1.34 billion! Their total revenues have been steadily growing at a average rate of 4.4% and so have the number of stores they plan on opening. The company opened up 50 new stores last year and have full intention of opening up 50 or more this year as well.

They hold a Product Education Conference every year, which is the second largest health and wellness convention that takes place every year in America. It gives the opportunity to over 200+ vendors to connect and network with over 700 of its store managers from all over the country.

During this inspiring and informative 4 day event, their health enthusiasts gain insights to their vast product offerings and current trends in the wellness industry. The convention provides a great opportunity for store managers to share all the new information they’ve acquired with their customers. It’s important for them to keep their customers in the know and informed. They do so through educational emails, informative digital newsletters and through a constantly updated website.

May 14th kickstarts Vitamin Shoppe’s yearly program called “Commit to Fit” and always, never fails to generate new clientele with the vigorous marketing they put behind it in the time prior.

We have strong reason to believe, that after mid-year, consistent, positively increasing earnings and including this event; Vitamin Shoppe will be back on to a very, bullish rally leading it back to its high of $48.40 like it was in December of 2014.

So let’s be healthy and well, while making this money!

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Danish Qadri

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