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Date : April 25, 2018

GNPX Joins The Health Discovery Building At Dell Medical School

New Trade Alert: Genprex, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNPX)

Since we last alerted GNPX, the company has traded range bound yet has announced a number of breaking developments in the past few weeks.

As a reminder, GNPX is a newly listed NASDAQ company that became public just a few weeks ago and is seeking to disrupt the cancer treating industry.

Each year there are over 1.8 million new lung cancer cases and 1.6 million deaths from lung cancer worldwide, and in the United States there are over 225,000 new cases and more than 150,000 deaths from lung cancer per year. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) represents 80% of all lung cancers.

Despite great advancements in medical technology and drug development, according to a 2016 American Cancer Society Report, the five-year survival rate for Stage IV (metastatic) NSCLC is about 1%.

As a result, targeted cancer therapy is starting to gain favor over conventional chemotherapies in some clinical oncology practices.

Genprex technologies are being developed to overcome genomic limitations” existing “in targeted therapies and provide new treatment solutions to large cancer patient populations.”

Who is GNPX

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.25.45 AM

GNPX “is a clinical stage gene therapy company developing a new approach to treating cancer, based on its novel proprietary technology platform.”

This includes its “initial product candidate – Oncoprex™ immunogene therapy.”

The company has a portfolio consisting of 30 issued and 2 pending patents”, covering its technologies.

Its “platform technologies are designed to deliver cancer fighting genes by encapsulating them into nanoscale hollow spheres called nanovesicles.” After that, they are delivered “intravenously and taken up by tumor cells where they express proteins that have been found to be missing or in low quantities.”

Here are the developments the company has announced in the past few weeks since we last alerted it:


Cancers are complex diseases that can start in any site in the body when a tissue grows out of control and inhibits the body’s normal functioning. At the cell level, cancers often involve the dysregulation of multiple genes and cellular pathways, leading to the cell’s inability to maintain proper cellular functions. Re-establishing or blocking these pathways can be done through many therapeutic approaches, including gene therapy. More general information about cancer can be found at The American Cancer Society.

Lung Cancer

Genprex’s research and development projects are focused on potential new treatments for lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most prevalent and deadly cancers worldwide. However, survival for late stage lung cancer has not improved significantly in the past 25 years despite radical advances in drug development and novel therapeutic standards. Our objective at Genprex is to develop 21st century gene therapies to improve outcomes.

The Genprex Approach

We hold a portfolio of 30 issued and 2 pending patents covering our technologies and targeted molecular therapies. Our research and development is focused around better understanding cancer immuno-biology so that we can identify patients who will respond well to certain drugs. This is the premise of personalized medicine, whereby certain cancer molecular profiles can be specific targets for drugs and biologics.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.25.20 AM

Recent Catalysts

Genprex Provides Clinical and Corporate Update

AUSTIN, Texas, April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Genprex, Inc. (GNPX), a clinical stage gene therapy company developing immunogene therapy for non-small cell lung cancer, today announced a clinical and corporate update.  

Rodney Varner, Chairman and CEO, remarked, “2017 was a pivotal year for Genprex, laying the groundwork for 2018 and beyond. We are dedicated to developing our novel therapeutic candidate, Oncoprex™, as a potential new treatment for non-small cell lung cancer and look forward to advancing Oncoprex in combination with targeted therapy and immunotherapy drugs through clinical trials.”

Julien L. Pham, MD, MPH, President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, “We believe that Oncoprex may provide medical benefit in several subpopulations of NSCLC for which there is an unmet medical need and may provide pathways for expedited approval by the FDA.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.40.25 AM

Clinical Development Highlights

  • Announced in January 2017 positive interim data from the Phase II portion of the ongoing Phase I/II clinical trial evaluating OncoprexTM in combination with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) erlotinib (Tarceva®) for the treatment of late stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients, with and without EGFR mutations, who have failed at least two drug regimens.  Of the 39 patients allowed in the protocol for the Phase II portion of the trial, 10 have been enrolled and nine are evaluable under the trial protocol as they received two or more cycles of the treatment.
  • The Company’s scientific collaborators at a major university research center in Houston, Texas, presented pre-clinical data at American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in April 2017, revealing significant anti-tumor effects of TUSC2 in combination with PD-1 checkpoint blockade in lung cancer.

Technical Analysis



Genprex Joins The Health Discovery Building At Dell Medical School To Help Drive Innovation For Health And Life Sciences

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Genprex, Inc., a clinical stage gene therapy company developing immunogene therapy for non-small cell lung cancer, announced today that it has entered an agreement with The University of Texas at AustinDell Medical School to establish executive offices at the school’s Health Discovery Building, joining the WorkSpaces @ Texas Health CoLab that brings together value-focused health entrepreneurs and businesses to enable a robust health innovation ecosystem.

“Texas Health CoLab combines world-class research and technology capabilities, along with passionate people and space for multi-disciplinary teamwork, and we’re delighted to welcome Genprex to our collaborative space,” said Dr. Ruben Rathnasingham, Managing Director of the Texas Health CoLab. “We share a common goal to advance innovative research and technologies that may impact some of the greatest challenges facing health care today.”

WorkSpaces @ Texas Health CoLab is designed to identify and support people and businesses that share Dell Med’s commitment to uncover and develop opportunities that have the potential to advance health outcomes for patients and reduce healthcare costs. Genprex was selected to join this prestigious group based on criteria that its product development plans are aligned with Dell Med’s research and innovation, it is financially sound with a viable business plan and team, and it can benefit from the collaborative environment and opportunities provided in the space.     

“We are committed to establishing and growing strategic partnerships that complement and strengthen our work across oncology and gene therapy,” said Rodney Varner, Chairman and CEO of Genprex. “We are eager to join this group of respected and talented peers at the Health Discovery Building as we expand on our pivotal work to date, which has positioned the Company for continued growth in 2018 and beyond.”

“The University of Texas has a long and successful history of technology commercialization and the Texas Health CoLab is an extension of its strong foundation, helping to establish Central Texas as a hub for discovering and developing innovative health and life science technologies,” said Ryan Confer, Chief Financial Officer at Genprex. “Establishing a presence at the WorkSpaces in the Health Discovery Building at Dell Med is an important and strategic opportunity for Genprex and we’re very excited to continue advancing our work in immunogene therapy for non-small cell lung cancer in an already thriving ecosystem that combines academia, industry, and the members of the financial community.”

About GNPX


Our lead product candidate, Oncoprex, consists of a TUSC2 gene encapsulated in a positively charged nanovesicle made from lipid molecules with a positive electrical charge. Oncoprex is injected intravenously and can specifically target cancer cells, which generally have a negative electrical charge. Once Oncoprex is taken up into a cancer cell, the TUSC2 gene is expressed into a protein that is capable of restoring certain defective functions arising in the cancer cell. Oncoprex has a multimodal mechanism of action whereby it interrupts cell signaling pathways that cause replication and proliferation of cancer cells, re-establishes pathways for programmed cell death, or apoptosis, in cancer cells, and modulates the immune response against cancer cells. Oncoprex has also been shown to block mechanisms that create drug resistance.

nce its initial public offering (IPO), GNPX has traded as low as 3.84, subsequently rallying to a high of 6.23, upside of 62% in just a few days. Since this massive rally GNPX has been trading range bound.

GNPX presents a potentially compelling trade opportunity given that this is a newly listed NASDAQ company which could continue to draw increased interest from Wall Street as more investors become familiar with the company.


Corporate Update

  • Priced initial public offering (IPO) in March 2018 and  common stock commenced trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol “GNPX.” Completed IPO in April 2018 of 1,280,000 shares of the Company’s common stock at $5.00 per share, resulting in gross proceeds of $6.4 million.  Network1 Financial Securities, Inc. acted as the lead underwriter for the offering. 
  • Appointed Julien L. Pham, MD, MPH, in April 2018 as the Company’s President and Chief Operating Officer to lead clinical development program for Oncoprex and expand strategic partnerships.
  • Recognized in November 2017 as a finalist in the Fierce Technology Award category of the Fierce Innovation Awards.
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