Keep An Eye On International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. (THM)

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Our New Pick Is International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. (THM)

International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. (THM) might be a new name to everyone on the team. It’s been under the radar quietly building up steam.

Now liquidity is ramping up to levels where everyday traders can actually get a piece of the action — the time to trade THM is finally HERE!

That surge handed THM traders 130% from a similar place in the channel . . . in a matter of DAYS, not months!

Because THM says it’s sitting on 20 MILLION ounces of gold (measured, indicated and inferred) in its acreage up in Alaska’s famous boom belt.

We’re talking about relatively high-grade rock here: a half ounce of shine for every ton of dirt. And THM owns it all, 100%, no sharing!

Do the math: it may take 14-15 years and maybe $7 billion to dig all that rock, but as long as gold stays above $600 they’re in the green.

And with gold prices hanging out at DOUBLE that breakeven, I’m thinking THM can find what it takes to make its backers happy in the long run.

Right now they’re spending cash to develop the mine. It happens! But down the road all that ore can make SOMEBODY rich.

Maybe THM needs to raise funds some day, maybe they find a partner, maybe a big boy in the business reaches down and buys the acreage.

Either way, this is the kind of opportunity where we need to keep our eyes on the long prize. That’s the mountain of high-grade ore up there.

Fort Knox has 147 million ounces of gold to back up the Federal government, worth $187 BILLION. THM “only” has 1/7 of that hoard.

But then, the Federal government isn’t trading under $0.60 a share for a total stake around $65 million, either, is it?

THM offers a massive discount to the real value of the gold in its ground. And now that it’s in play, the team can take advantage of that.

Load that chart and get ready for action tomorrow morning:

That 3-digit trajectory tells you all you need to know about the way precious metal stocks like THM have been rebounding this year.

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Corporate Overview


International Tower Hill Mines is committed to providing shareholder value by development of the world-class Livengood Gold Project near Fairbanks, Alaska.  We will bring the Project forward in a safe, ethical and environmentally sound manner for the communities in which we operate, the people we employ and the shareholders that we serve.


Our vision is to create value for our shareholders, employees and stakeholders by acting as the:

•Safety leader in the junior mining industry.

•Supplier of choice.

•Employer of choice in the communities in which we operate.

•Environmental and technology leader in the junior mining industry.


In order for ITH to provide value to our shareholders, employees and stakeholders, we will conduct our daily business with the following values:

•Safety first in everything we do.

•Conduct all aspects of our business in the highest ethical and transparent manner, in accordance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

•Be a responsible corporate citizen.

•Provide economic value to our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders by being the low cost producer and employer of choice in the communities in which we work.

•Understand and mitigate the environmental and social impacts of our business.

•Work with and educate the communities we work in about our methods, benefits and progress of our projects.

•Develop and utilize the best available technologies to conduct our business.

Thomas Irwin
Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Irwin has over 40 years’ experience in the natural resource industry constructing, optimizing, operating and permitting major mining projects with companies such as Amax Gold and Kinross and most recently was Vice President for ITH.

Prior to joining ITH, Mr. Irwin served for six years as the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. As Commissioner, part of his responsibilities included close communication and negotiation with major companies and management of Alaska oil, gas and mining resources, which annually produce several billion dollars of revenue for the State.

Previously, Mr. Irwin held senior positions at the Fort Knox mine located 45 miles southeast of the Livengood project. From 1992 to 1996 Mr. Irwin was Vice-President of Fairbanks Gold Mining, Inc., a Subsidiary of AMAX Gold Inc., responsible for engineering at Fort Knox during project design and permitting. From 1996 to 1999 he was Operations Manager responsible for mine start-up and operation and General Manager of the mine from 1999 to 2001. Following these positions he became the Vice President, Business Development for Fairbanks Gold Mining Inc., then a subsidiary of Kinross Gold Corp. Prior to his work in Alaska, Mr. Irwin was General Manager of AMAX Gold’s Sleeper Mine in Nevada and manager of AMAX’s Climax mine in Colorado. Mr. Irwin has a degree in Mineral Engineering-Chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines.

Remember, THM has TONS of shiny bullion in its dirt up Alaska way. The market is learning that now. I got you in the game EARLY!

This one just keeps on rising with all the uncertainty in the markets. Some of you got your taste Thursday when THM was down in the mid-$0.50s. Others are catching on now.

Either way, this is EXACTLY the kind of trade I specialize in finding for you. Maybe you want to tell a friend about me?

Then again, with trades like THM coming your way when the rest of the market is crying, maybe you want to keep me a secret!

All I know is we’re WINNING. And as long as THM is scoring, I hope you’re enjoying the ride!


•Summary numbers: Revenues of USD 0 million, Net Earnings of USD -2.49 million.

•The company did not record any revenues for the last twelve months making the comparison of net margin versus asset turnover meaningless.

THM-US‘s earnings and EBITDA are both negative which suggest that P/E or Price/EBITDA are not meaningful to make this analysis between operating advantage (ROE) and growth expectations (as suggested by P/E or P/EBITDA).

•Cash and Cash equivalents were down this period to 5.09 million compared to 11.29 million in the same period last year.

•We consider the company to have a Quick & Able profile as it currently does not have any debt. In comparison, the median level of debt as percent of enterprise value for its peer group is currently 6.14%.

•Of the 6 chosen peers for the company, only 5 of the stocks have an outstanding debt balance. Companies with no debt include SA-US.

•Net income of -2.49 million this period compared to a net income of -1.12 million last period. This is a growth of -122.10% over the previous period. In comparison, the peer group grew at 88.08%

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