Provision Holding, Inc. (OTCQB: PVHO) Just Established New 52Week High

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3D Digital Advertising – The Next Growth Sector In A $50 Billion Industry?

3D Digital advertising represents one of the clearest, perhaps most lucrative sectors for investors right now.

Provision Logo

Provision Logo


According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, digital advertising has reached historic levels with over $27 billion spent in the first half of 2015.  The forecast for growth is understandably very bullish and savvy investors on Wall Street are busy seeking out undiscovered companies in the space that can act as a ground floor investment opportunities.

Keen investors can do no better than to explore opportunities in the 3D digital space which happens to be the main feature of this article, and one of the fastest growing sub-sectors in the digital advertising space.

So what is 3D digital? This form of advertising draws upon a fully interactive and immersive end-user experience. Its virtual reality coming one step closer to the five senses (no 3D glasses are needed) and many on Wall Street are predicting a boom in demand for companies that deliver results with the technology. Recently PepsiCo launched its first virtual reality video ad – giving baseball fans a virtual “feel” of the position of slugger Bryce Harper as he stands at bat waiting for a fastball.

Large companies like PepsiCo will no doubt push heavy R&D dollars into the space, but few investors are looking at those large-cap developments. The real action at present seems to be aimed at capitalizing on the small companies that are doing in-the-trenches work on 3D digital. These companies naturally have thelargest potential for outsized investment gains.

Many investors are now starting to unearth investing opportunities and a few eyes are focused on Provision Holding, Inc. (OTCQB: PVHO), a small company with a big hand in the 3D digital technology space.

PVHO focuses on the development and distribution of three-dimensional (3D) holographic interactive video displays primarily for advertising and product merchandising markets. Its products include HoloVision displays and 3D Savings Center kiosks.

Rite Aid Kiosk

Provision Kiosk Installed In Rite-Aid

These kiosks enable advertisers and customers to reach captive audiences in grocery stores, malls, convenience stores, gas stations, banks, and other retail locations.

PVHO has been growing its network of kiosks at a rapid rate and last October achieved a milestone of 100 installations in New York City and Los Angeles. The installations were carried out inside one of the largest drug store chains in the US.

In December, PVHO achieved another milestone, hitting 200 installations as the company expanded its reach in the New York and Los Angeles markets with its retail drugstore partner. Currently the company is busy expanding its network and recently announced the shipment of250 additional 3D kiosks. Target markets under the current expansion include New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia and San Francisco retail locations.

PVHO anticipates having 450 kiosks installed in five cities giving it the ability to promote both national and local consumer brands through paid advertising.

PVHO Receives Increasing Interest from Partners – Even Fortune 500 Companies

Partnerships are also becoming a big part of PVHO‘s profile. In fact, the potential for key partnerships began to show itself as early May 2015 when the company’s Ohio based partner PharMark, Inc. began delivery of local and regional advertising for the company’s 3D kiosks.

PharMark, under the terms of the agreement between the two companies, has been providing advertising sales support for the roll out of PVHO’s 3D kiosk network in select Rite Aid stores in Los Angeles and New York.

PVHO raised its profile among investors again in October (2015) when itannounced a major partnership deal with FUJIFILM North America Corporation (“Fujifilm”). Under the terms of the agreement, Fujifilm will provide installation and ongoing maintenance services for PVHO’s 3D Savings kiosks in Los Angeles and New York.

The ongoing partnerships and continued roll-out of kiosk installations have begun to improve the standing of PVHO among investors. Indeed, in a recent letter to shareholders, PVHO highlighted the $1.17 million in revenues announced in its quarterly results back in November, 2015. an increase of over 2,000% from the same quarter the previous year.

Management is bullish on the future of the company and confirmed recentlythat based on current installation trajectory, PVHO could have more than 1,000 kiosks installed by early April 2016. Citing “blue sky” opportunities, PVHO has set its sights on bolstering the existing network with a further 3,500 locations.

PVHO is growing at an alarming rate but many investors still have not taken notice of this undiscovered opportunity.

Intel Issues Major Coverage of PVHO

Provision’s growth potential is so pronounced at this point, that even Fortune 500 companies are talking about it. The efficacy of PVHO’s 3D digital displays has attracted the attention of Intel. In a brief exploring and explaining the technology,Intel said that, “PVHO has developed a portfolio of attention-grabbing digital signage. With plans to deploy thousands of kiosks in stores across the US, Provision’s 3D holographic technology is poised to revolutionize what retailers and consumer brands understand about their customers—who they are, how they shop, and what they want.”

That extraordinary coverage from Intel shows, in no small measure, that PVHOand its 3D digital technology is truly a part of something big and emerging.

The 3D digital sector is starting to get mainstream attention by some pretty big players and this type of growth potential could further raise the investment profile of companies like PVHO.

Right now 3D advertising is still truly in its infancy but is quickly carving out its share of the estimated $50 billion a year digital advertising market. Investors seeking the lion’s share of the returns in this emerging sector are best served taking advantage of the early-stage pioneers.

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