Understanding And Trading Promotional Campaigns For Profit.

This is something most traders simply don’t understand: Penny Stocks are often “promoted” during investor relations campaigns, and that’s a Good Thing!

It’s good for the companies and their shares. It’s good for investors in those companies. It’s good for traders.

And it goes back a long, long ways.

Have you ever read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre, the de facto biography of Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest traders of all time? The book was written in 1923, and is widely considered the greatest trading book ever written.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

One whole chapter is devoted to “the marketing of shares”, which translates to promotional activity in today’s parlance.

The book notes the many reasons why shares go through promotional stages with the help of investor relations professionals. Among them, perhaps the most compelling are two:

First, a company is not on solid footing if it has all of its equity in the hands of just a few individuals. It is in everyone’s best interest, even the general public, if every company is able to maximize its odds of producing the highest version of that company’s vision. And that is most likely to happen if the company’s capitalization table is highly diversified and distributed – in other words, if it has lots of different owners.

Second, no company can achieve an impact without access to capital. However, for many companies, they face a problem: There are thousands and thousands of stocks, and any given investor is only going to make a cursory effort to investigate but a few of them. So, it’s up to investor relations professionals to help get the word out. Investors awareness campaign have helped a lot of undiscovered companies accelerate in growth. With the help of this AVXL got uplisted from otcmarket.

avxl stock

All of that said, should you, the above-average trader of such stocks, jump on everything out there that’s being promoted?


But you knew that already.

The simple fact is, there’s an ecosystem aspect to promotional campaigns: Some newsletters are primary players, and others are bottom feeders. As a trader, you want to stick to plays promoted by the primary players (like this service).

We will get you in early and often. That way, you can get on board and ride the promotion higher until the bottom feeders come in at the top and buy shares off you for a huge profit.

To figure out where someone is on the chain, look at how their picks have been doing. The proof is in the pudding.

For example, here’s a bunch of our most recent alert results:

  • Alert 1 rallied to a high of 1.02 from our alert price of 0.57 for upside of 78%.
  • Alert 2 rallied to a high of 0.33 from our alert price of 0.2288 for upside of 44% in less than a week.
  • Alert 3 rallied to a high of 0.92 from our alert price of 0.57 for upside of 61% in one day.
  • Alert 4 rallied to a high of 0.715 from our alert price of 0.64 for upside of 11%
  • Alert 5 rallied to a high of 1.19 from our alert price of 0.95 for upside of 25%.
  • Alert 6 rallied to a high of 1.16 from our alert price of 1.03 for upside of 13% in a few days.
  • Alert 7 rallied to a high of 2.75 from our alert price of 1.70 for upside of 61% in 3 trading days.
  • Alert 8 rallied to a high of 0.45 from our alert price of 0.34 for upside of 32%.
  • Alert 9 rallied to a high of 0.90 from our alert price of 0.48 for upside of 87% in 2 days.

If you see something like this type of track record, you know you’re dealing with a primary player and you can profit from the promotion cycle.

But remember normally stock promoters are not licensed broker-dealers, account representatives, market makers, investment bankers, investment advisors, analyst or underwriters. So before investing in securities, specially penny stocks including the securities of those companies profiled or discussed on this website and other numerous sites is your sole duty to do full due diligence or consult with a licensed securities professional before purchasing or selling any securities of companies profiled or discussed.

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